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Mango Sheera Recipe | Mango Kesari | Mango Halwa | Mango Semolina Dessert

Learn how to make a delicious mango sheera recipe by Sagar’s Kitchen, also known as mango kesari by Sagar’s Kitchen or mango halwa by Sagar’s Kitchen or mango semolina dessert recipe by Sagar’s Kitchen. This sweet semolina dessert is a popular Indian treat. With the perfect combination of ghee-roasted nuts, aromatic cardamom, and the richness of mango pulp, this dessert is a delight for mango lovers. Follow the step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to create a flavorful and satisfying mango dessert that will surely impress your taste buds. Enjoy the best flavors of mango in this easy and quick dessert recipe.

Mango Sheera Recipe | Mango Kesari | Mango Halwa | Mango Semolina Dessert

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Let’s now prepare the recipe for mango sheera, a sweet semolina dessert. It is also known as mango kesari or mango semolina dessert. Just like in English, we say “dog,” while in Hindi, it is called “kutta.” No matter what you call it, it refers to the same thing, which is a dog. Now, what should we do?


  • 100 ml ghee

  • 1 small cup cashews

  • 1 small cup almonds

  • 1 small cup chironji (cudappah almond)

  • 1 cup semolina

  • 500 ml milk

  • 150 gm sugar

  • 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder

  • 1 cup blended mango pulp

  • Some saffron strands


  • First, take a saucepan and add 100 ml of ghee to it. Then, add 1 small cup of cashews, 1 small cup of almonds, and 1 small cup of chironji (cudappah almond) to the ghee. Roast them on medium heat for 2 minutes.
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  • Now, remove all the roasted nuts from the ghee. In the same ghee, add 1 cup of semolina and cook it on low to medium flame for 8-10 minutes, stirring continuously.
  • Now, add 500 ml of “nachaniya” milk (regular milk) to the semolina mixture. Stir it quickly with a spoon until it thickens and reaches a pudding-like consistency. This may take around 4-5 minutes of continuous stirring.
  • While stirring, you will notice that the mixture has thickened and reached a pudding-like consistency. Now, add 150 gm of sugar and 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom powder to the mixture. Mix everything well until the sugar is completely dissolved and well combined.
  • Now, take half a cup of blended mango pulp and add it to the mixture. Also, add the previously roasted dry fruits and a pinch of saffron strands. Mix everything well until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined.
  • Now, add the remaining mango pulp to the mixture and mix it well again. Make sure everything is well combined. Now, transfer the mango sheera to a serving bowl. Enjoy the delicious taste! If you find it tasty, feel free to leave a comment and let me know.
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  • While roasting the semolina, make sure to keep stirring it continuously and keep a close eye on it to prevent it from burning. It should be roasted until it turns golden brown, but be careful not to overcook it, as it can affect the taste of the final dish. Continuous stirring will ensure that the semolina is evenly roasted and doesn’t stick to the pan or burn.
  • Before adding saffron (kesar), you can soak it in warm milk or water. This will help extract the color and flavor of saffron, enhancing the overall taste of the mango sheera. It will give a beautiful yellow color to the sheera and impart a delightful aroma. Soaking saffron beforehand ensures that its essence is well-infused into the dessert, making it a flavorful and satisfying mango kesari.
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