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Lychee Drink Recipe | Lychee Syrup | Litchi Juice

Learn how to make a refreshing Lychee Drink Recipe or Lychee Syrup Recipe or Litchi Juice Recipe by Sagar’s Kitchen. This easy recipe combines the sweetness of lychee pulp with a hint of mint and lemon for a truly delightful experience. Know when to serve this drink. Customize the drink with your favorite items. Try this homemade Lychee Drink recipe and savor the flavors of this refreshing and cooling beverage.

Lychee Drink Recipe | Lychee Syrup | Litchi Juice

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It is indeed essential to keep the mind cool. Let’s make a refreshing and sweet litchi juice. It truly tastes delicious! Right now, everyone’s temperament might be hot, but I’ll show you how to keep yourself cool.


  • 1 cup lychee pulp

  • 1 cup water

  • 2 teaspoons sugar

  • 2-4 mint leaves

  • Lemon

  • Ice cubes or chilled water


  • Dhaniya: “Brother, I will also drink.”
    Me: “Move aside, has your father ever tasted this?”
    Dhaniya: “I don’t have a father.”
    Me: “Oh, that means you’re illegitimate. How did you even come into this world then?”
  • First, peel the skin of the lychee and separate the pulp from the seeds.
  • Now, place the lychee pulp in a blender and add 1 cup of water to it.
  • After adding water, put 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2-4 mint leaves into it.
  • Now, take a lemon, cut it in half, and squeeze some juice into the blender. After that, blend everything together thoroughly.
  • Now, take some ice cubes in a glass and add small pieces of lychee to it. Pour the juice over it through a strainer, that’s when the real magic happens! You see, if you don’t have ice, adding chilled water in the blender would give you the same feeling. But trust me, the chilled ice and lychee combination creates a truly delightful experience that is hard to replicate.
  • Now, you can insert a straw into the glass to add a decorative touch. Serve it to Dhaniya also and enjoy it together. It’s a delightful experience! If you don’t have a straw, you can even sip it directly from the glass and relish the flavors. Don’t forget to leave a couple of positive comments about how amazing the drink is before you go!


  • Strain the juice to remove any pulp or fibers for a smoother texture.
  • Enjoy the lychee drink as a refreshing beverage on hot summer days or as a delightful treat for any occasion.
  • Fresh mint leaves add a refreshing touch, but you can also try experimenting with other herbs like basil or cilantro.
  • Feel free to add your own creative twist by incorporating other fruits or flavors to customize the drink.
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